Vanity Tops


Vanity tops for all your bathroom needs

Bathroom storage and surface space can be tricky to get right. Being one of the most compact rooms of the house, often there is not enough free space in a bathroom to truly decorate it in the way you would want to. In an ideal world, a bathroom would have enough storage to house a multitude of bathroom essentials and accessories and enough free surface space to spread out your products before you as you get ready.

For those lucky enough to have the free space in your bathroom for a vanity top, you'll know that it is the perfect multi-purpose addition to your bathroom. A vanity top is the best option for those who want aesthetic appeal, storage and surface space all in one.

Indulge in some vanity with our stunning range

At House of Home, we have scoured only the finest-quality specialist bathroom retailers and suppliers to narrow down the best range of vanity tops to showcase to you.

Are you looking for the whole kit and caboodle when it comes to your new addition to your bathroom space? We have a diverse range of vanity tops that also come with a drawer cabinet to keep all of your body and hair products, as well as bathroom appliances, in the one spot. Add to that an inbuilt basin, waste, tap-hole and a stylish faucet and you are all set. It's the ultimate all-rounder.

If you have your cabinet needs sorted already, but require a simple basin vanity top, we can help you there too, with our exceptional range of simplistic moulded bowls to top off your existing piece.

Our range of vanity tops are available in a wide array of colours and shades, from natural stone and sophisticated marble to classic white and sleek black - we are sure to have the best fit for your décor requirements.

At House of Home, we are the experts in the best-quality vanity tops that will make your bathroom a space you truly enjoy basking in. Browse our range today to discover the possibilities.

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