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Paco Jaanson Towel Storage


Go beyond the ordinary with Paco Jaanson Towel Storage

Don't make the mistake of thinking towel storage is not an important consideration for your bathroom. Your towel storage solution affects your bathroom aesthetic as much as tapware or tiles do, so to ensure you are including the latest world trends in bathroom style and design, invest in Paco Jaanson's Towel Storage range.

The Paco Jaanson Towel Storage range has it all

What is in the Paco Jaanson Towel Storage range? We're talking single towel rails, double rails, all-out towel shelves, chic and modern towel holding stands, an exciting collection of hand towel options and so much more - all in a range of modern sizes, styles and finishes.

That's because those who put together the Paco Jaanson Towel Storage range thought of everything when it comes to enhancing your bathroom experience, by never forgetting that style can be just as important as functionality. So an impressive range of designers are on the Paco Jaanson Towel Storage design payroll, ensuring every solution is unique and stands to become a modern classic of the future.

Stay ahead of the trends with Paco Jaanson Towel Storage

Those who follow bathroom trends will know the era is as ever-changing as it is exciting, so it's important that the Paco Jaanson Towel Storage range has all of the new shapes and functions that mingle perfectly with everything in the existing world of traditional bathrooms.

The combination of your decisions for tapware, tiles, vanities can make or break your beautiful and important bathroom renovation, but you can stress less knowing that you will always make the right towel storage decision with Paco Jaanson. Their Towel Storage solutions boast strong visual lines that will connect the ultimate in chic with well-known function.

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