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Bathroom Towel Storage


Add a Touch of Functional Elegance With Well-Crafted Bathroom Towel Rails

You’ve spent hours and hours picking the perfect items and décor for your bathroom. From the stone tiles on the floor to the window coverings, you’ve left nothing to chance. But have you fully completed your bathroom’s look with the right bathroom towel rails?

Bathroom towel rails are not only practical — they’re another way you can add visual interest to your overall bathroom design scheme. As you explore the towel rails online at House of Home, look for the best options for your room:

  • Picture-perfect colours and finishes. On our expertly curated marketplace, you’ll find bathroom towel rails in the most popular colours and finishes, including brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, polished chrome, brushed chrome and white. If you’re having trouble deciding which will match your bathroom, consider the colours of your cabinet hardware. Most homeowners choose towel rails that complement their hardware pieces.

  • Sturdy, attractive materials. You can buy bathroom towel rails in materials from ceramic to metal. Remember that every material will add a subtle nuance to the space. For instance, stainless steel is usually associated with contemporary furnishings, whereas ceramic can create an industrial feel.

  • Various types of wall mounts and hook shapes. Do you want a circular bathroom towel rail? Would you prefer a model that’s freestanding and requires no extra installation? No matter which kind you want, chances are you’ll find the right towel rails online at House of Home.

How Will You Hang Your Towels?

Envision your bathroom after every touch has been applied, and it’s finished to your expectations. Do you want to have a special kind of towel rail, such as a heated towel rail? Do you need several towel hooks or will one suffice? Are towel rings going to fit in with your design? Are you looking for a simple, efficient, appealing towel rail without any decorative element?

The good news is that there’s a bathroom towel rail for any bathroom in your house, from the most modestly sized powder room to the most spacious master bath. It’s easy to find the perfect towel rails at House of Home!

Helpful Tip: Remember to count how many towel rails, hooks and rings you’ll need in your bathroom. This will ensure you buy the correct amount.

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