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Gessi Bathroom Taps


Gessi Bathroom Taps Improve the Look and Function of Your Space

If you want to improve the way your bathroom looks and functions, don’t forget about your bathroom tap. After many years of use, bathroom taps can take on a dull sheen and stop working properly. In fact, they might become the eyesore of your bathroom space! Rather than ignore the way your bathroom tap looks, why not invest in one of the most beautiful Gessi bathroom taps for sale?

Gessi bathroom taps are well-known worldwide for their quality. The company has spent more than 20 years developing an ethical, environmentally friendly process for manufacturing products including bathroom taps. This makes Gessi a natural choice for homeowners who want the best they can afford for their bathrooms. Gessi bathroom products will make any bathroom in Australia shine!

Choose the Right Bathroom Mixer Tap Height

Did you know that Gessi bathroom taps come in a variety of heights? You can effortlessly install them into both standard and high basin models. If you’re unsure which type of basin you currently have, measure the bathroom tap that’s currently in your bathroom. If you’re purchasing a new basin to go with your Gessi bathroom tap, ask the basin manufacturer or dealer which type of bathroom mixer tap they recommend for the basin style.

Find other great tips for buying a bathroom tap in our Tap Buying Guide.

Taking the WELS Rating Into Consideration

Many of the Gessi bathroom taps for sale have an accompanying WELS rating. The WELS rating helps you determine which products are most energy-efficient. A higher WELS rating indicates better efficiency. This allows you to effortlessly conserve water, one of our most precious natural resources. Plus, you’ll never have to sacrifice performance — Gessi bathroom taps with high WELS ratings perform exactly as you need, morning, afternoon and evening!

Installing Your Gessi Bathroom Tap

After you buy your new Gessi bathroom tap for your Australia home or apartment, you’ll need to choose whether to install it yourself or hire a professional. In general, it’s best to hire someone if you’ve never handled a plumbing installation in the past, or if you don’t have the proper tools to do the job correctly. With that being said, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer who is comfortable around plumbing fixtures, you will find that Gessi bathroom taps are straightforward to install.

Make the Switch to a Gessi Bathroom Tap

It’s time for you to start loving every aspect of your bathroom again, including your mixer tap! Whether you have a single basin sink or a double basin sink, Gessi makes gorgeous bathroom taps you can trust for years of use.

Need to know how to select the right tap? Let us tell you!