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Bathroom Storage


Bathroom Storage: Solutions

Whether you are designing a whole new bathroom or just trying to get your current one more organized, getting your bathroom storage right is key. We’ve pulled together a range of storage solutions to sort out any storage problems in your bathroom, and there’s a cupboard for every size bathroom & budget.

First things first though – you need to work out what you need to store in your bathroom. For most people the list looks like this:

• Towels – this is always a big one as towels can be bulky and even just a couple of sets need dedicated space allocated in your bathroom for storage.

• Hairdryers, hair straighteners, electric shavers, beard trimmers, all need somewhere to live. Plus the hair brushes, and combs all need a storage solution too.

• Then there’s your collection of lotions, potions, and of course make-up. If you like to keep extras on hand, there’ll be your extra bottles of shampoo & conditioner, spare toothbrushes, etc. And possibly your first aid kit will need storing in the bathroom too.

What are some bathroom storage solutions?

Two of the most useful bathroom storage solutions are tall boys and mirrored cabinets.

Tall boys can either be free standing or attached to the wall and offer great bathroom storage – perfect for towels, bathmats, all your electrical items, plus toiletries.

Mirrored Cabinets are ideal for storing all of the smaller items neatly out of sight in your bathroom, but still in easy reach.

Add in some towel rails and hooks and your bathroom storage will be sorted.

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