Bathroom Storage


Bathroom storage: the struggle

Any woman (or man for that matter) knows the struggle of bathroom storage. Due to the often more confined space you have to work with, and the amount of bathroom-related items we accrue, it is often a big hassle trying to find ways to conveniently but smartly store all of your bathroom accessories.

Bathrooms don't generally come equipped with built-in storage like other rooms do, so the key is to be wise when it comes to space-saving additions that will clear the clutter and keep it clean with a seamless finish.

From bath towels and bath mats, robes and toilet paper, beauty products and cleaning supplies- the list of products that need to find a home in your bathroom is endless.

Our range and your options

At House of Home, we showcase only the best bathroom storage options from a extensive number of retailers and suppliers nationwide. You can rest assured that the products we choose to make the cut are the best in their class.

A large bathroom cabinet is going to be your main purchase - and also the one that you will make the most use out of.

Roll up towels to save space and stack them on top of each other inside for easy access- a neat little trick made popular by day spas the world over.

Dedicate a shelf just for hair or body products and another for bathroom cleaning products. It also keeps these often-expensive products out of potential sunlight, which can compromise their quality.

A beautiful bathroom stand or shelf is also a key storage option to consider. Reserve this for items you want to be able to see and have immediate access to - toilet paper or everyday supplies such as deodorant should always be easy to see.

We house a range of different styles and materials, from timber to steel, teak to laminate- your options are endless.

Browse our space-saving bathroom storage options today at House of Home. Your bathroom will be neat, tidy and envied by guests in no time.

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