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Shower Soap Holders


Beautiful shower soap holders for your bathroom

You'll find some of the best soap holders for sale at House of Home. With our extensive range, you are sure to find a beautiful soap holder that is ideal for your bathroom.

Showersoap holders are functional

Soap holders will stop the soap going damp and rotting away on the bathroom bench, leaving a mess that is unsightly and hard to clean. They also save soap, as this process drains the soap away over time. Therefore, bathroom soap holders are both functional and economical.

Bathroom soap economy

Bars of soap are far more economical than liquid soap. However, they can look untidy and come with many functional issues. A soap holder saves the soap from being wasted and creating a mess on the bathroom bench.

Practical and beautiful

A soap holder is one bathroom accessory that most people don't want to live without. They come in many different shapes, colours, sizes and styles. The two main styles are wall mounted and freestanding. Once you make the decision to go one way or the other, the possibilities are endless. Soap dishes can be the finishing touch on any well decorated bathroom. If you can match them to other accessories, such as the shower shelf, they can add a level of cohesion and provide colour accents. This is a sophisticated look that illustrates attention to detail in the design of the bathroom.

Wall mounted soap dishes

These are usually installed in the final stages of home construction, but you can install them any time. They are more practical than other options, as they don't move around or take up bench space.

Freestanding soap dish

You don't need to install these, and they can look great on any sink or basin. They are portable, so you can move and remove them as you please. If you're not happy or your look changes, they are easily replaceable.

House of Home has access to all the bathroom soap holders you could possibly need. Check out our extensive range of soap holders online or in store.

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