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Soap Dispensers


Lather, rinse and repeat with our soap dispensers!

Dispense with clutter

Get rid of those plastic hand soap bottles that you swear you'll replace every time the labels get slimy, and accessorise your bathroom with one of our elegant built-in or freestanding soap dispensers. This simple change will give a touch of refinement that will impress guests and add functionality to your bathroom. But don't stop at the sink - take those lotions and potions out of the corner of your shower and strip back to the essentials with a double dispenser for shampoo and conditioner.

Economical and eco-friendly

Stop spending too much money on buying small, presentable containers of the things you use the most, and invest in House of Home's beautiful soap dispensers. Save money by buying in bulk, without sacrificing the aesthetic of your bathroom. Not only will this save you money but it will minimise the plastic waste you generate - so a built-in or freestanding soap dispenser is not just good for your wallet, it's good for the planet!

Choices to suit every bathroom

House of Home offers a huge range of soap dispensers from guaranteed retailers across Australia. With a diverse choice of materials including glass, chrome, stainless steel, ceramic, and brass, and an incredible number of designs, there are soap dispensers to fit every bathroom, regardless of style. We offer both freestanding and mounted options, so whether you're living in your own home or moving through the rental market, you don't have to compromise on style.

Simple yet effective

Making a bathroom look good can seem like a difficult task, especially if you don't have the option to renovate, but the simple addition of matching soap dispensers for your sink and shower can make a sleek and stylish improvement that doesn't go over budget. And with House of Home, it's so simple - all you have to do is choose a design!

Discover how a soap dispenser can add the finishing touch to your affordable luxurious bathroom.

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