Bathroom Side Cabinets


Bathroom side cabinets - storage for your bathroom oasis

The bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and may just be the most important. For some it's an oasis away from screaming kids, a place to shut the door and soak for an hour while the rest of the house goes to pot. For others it's a practical room to prepare for the day ahead - where important routines are followed for grooming and some of our most valuable possessions are kept in side cabinets and drawers.

The list of things that go on in a bathroom is endless, as is the list of items that a well equipped bathroom should hold. Perhaps you feel that you have far too much spilling out of the meagre two door cabinet above your sink and you'd like to find a solution that suits your existing bathroom décor, or maybe you are just looking for additional storage for a growing family. We are sure that you will find a bathroom side cabinet in our range that meets your needs.

A stylish addition to your bathroom décor

Keeping your bathroom tidy need not look like an afterthought. Our range of stylish bathroom side cabinets come in a variety of colours and finishes. Choose from chocolate, ash or natural timber, and laminate or mirrored finishes.

High quality finishes

Bathrooms are high traffic areas which can become damp and prone to mould. It's important to choose products that have been manufactured with quality finishes that can withstand wear and tear. Some of our bathroom side cabinets feature premium moisture resistant joinery.

A little touch of luxury

Just because the bathroom is a functional space doesn't mean you can't inject a touch of luxury. With silent soft function doors, self closing doors and hidden, finger pull handles, our range of bathroom side cabinets will make your bathroom feel like a showroom.

We invite you to browse House of Home's wonderful selection of bathroom side cabinets; you'll be able to find the additional storage you need for one of your home's most important rooms, the bathroom oasis.

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