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Bathroom Packages
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Bathroom Packages


Bathroom Packages - The complete package when it comes to your bathroom requirements

We can take care of your entire new bathroom installation

While a full bathroom renovation can mean a new lease of life for your family, not to mention an increase in your home’s value, finding matching pieces to incorporate throughout your bathroom or en suite can be extremely frustrating. That’s where we come in. We’ve sourced the highest quality products from a range of providers all over Australia. Whatever theme you’re going for, whether it’s ultra-modern, like the fanciest hotels in Sydney, or uber-chic, as per your friend’s boutique home downtown, you’ll find a bathroom package to suit right here.

Why it’s vital you get your bathroom’s look just right

The bathroom is the area of the home where you go about your daily cleaning routine, so the space should be as spotless and uncluttered as possible. Ideally, you’re looking for units with plenty of storage space, surfaces that can be cleaned quickly and easily and lighting options that maximise the size of the room. Our bathroom packages include basin and toilet packs, bath tubs, shower cubicles, vanity units and more, to ensure you’re on to a winner with your bathroom.

Bathroom packages are cost-effective

You can have the grandest dreams for your bathroom, but if you haven’t got the budget to meet the image you’ve painted in your mind, you’re going to have to compromise at some stage. Fortunately, bathroom packages are a cost-effective way to skirt around the issue of a limited budget, combining a number of bathroom items and furnishings into one affordable solution, at a price that’s convenient for you.

Browse our selection of bathroom packages today, and follow our trend guide if you’re stuck for inspiration.