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Bathroom Mirrors


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When it comes to the ultimate in bathroom design, bathroom mirrors have to be the one item that packs the most power. A mirror can open up a bathroom to create the illusion of greater space; it is functional, and can enhance any design.

Practically all kinds of mirrors

Mirrors are a bathroom essential. Because they add a practical element to any bathroom, they can become a stylist's nightmare when people select them for utilitarian needs. Adding a mirror to your bathroom should enhance the design, not detract from it. Follow our simple advice for choosing a bathroom mirror.

Classic, timeless beauty

Mirrors can be a focal point that draw attention to anything reflected on its surface. Use a mirror as a focal point by ensuring that it has a solid frame, which can be a statement piece on its own, and that it reflects something that is also visually appealing. Mirrors are a long-term investment as they never go out of style. They are also easy to maintain for longevity.

Mirrors as windows to the room

Mirrors are the windows to the soul of the room. Just like windows, mirrors add depth and light to any space. A mirror as a window will enhance and accentuate any piece that you may have in your bathroom. So a mirror reflecting a luxury bath will double the sense of luxury and opulence.

Bring the outdoors in

A mirror can reflect the outdoors without leaving you exposed. A bathroom mirror can be strategically placed to bring greenery from your garden into the bathroom without losing your privacy. Adding that touch of greenery can really liven up your space.

Magnify the space

Mirrors make any room seem larger, and as space is at a premium in bathrooms, the bathroom mirror plays a pivotal role in the sense of space in the bathroom.

House of Home has a deluxe range of bathroom mirrors in all shapes and sizes. You will be sure to find a piece to be proud of online or instore.

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