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Magnifying Mirrors


Bathroom must have: Magnifying mirrors

Magnifying mirrors are a great addition to any bathroom, and are perfect for applying makeup, shaving and other personal grooming. These are a great option if there is limited wall space for a mounted mirror while also saving on vital shelf and counter top space in your bathroom.

House of Home offers an impressive range of magnifying mirrors in a variety of styles, colours and finishes to suit any bathroom design. Purchase in store, click and collect or order online with delivery to your door.

The range of magnifying mirrors offers something to suit every bathroom, and varies by the following features:

*• Shape: * choose from round, square or rectangle shaped mirrors.

• Finish: options include coloured glass, gold or silver.

*• Sizes: * there are many size options available, choose between 75mm and 495mm for width and height.

*• Magnification: * choose between 3 x and 8 x magnification.

*• Extension length: * many mirrors have extendable arms for extra flexibility.

*• Mounting: * select either a wall attached or freestanding mirror. Wall attached is better for those lacking counter space, and free standing is ideal for those lacking wall space.

*• Height adjustable: * some magnifying mirrors are also height adjustable, if you select a mirror attached to a vertical arm.

Many magnifying mirrors are actually double sided, offering a standard mirror on one side, and the magnified mirror on the other. The magnifying mirror eliminates the need to lean over the basin to use the mirror close up.

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