Bathroom Hooks


Towel hooks - practical and stylish bathroom accessories

Why it’s good to get hung up over hooks

Space and storage are usually at a premium, so towel hooks are a great option if you need places to hang towels in the bathroom but don’t have the wall area for towel rails. They’re also a better choice if you already have towel rails but want an easier way to hang up robes or dressing gowns, and they’re ideal for shared bathrooms so that each person can have a place for their own items.

Useful styling that’s off the hook

Apart from being practical, towel hooks are a nice way to give your bathroom a stylish finish. With a great range on the market, varying from ornate and traditional to slick and contemporary, round, square, deep or narrow, there’s something to suit your needs, your décor, and your budget.

A few tips to avoid unnecessary catches

When choosing your towel hooks, remember to consider the surface you’ll be attaching them to, and check how much space you’ll need. It’s important not to place them too close together so that items aren’t bunched up, and to make sure the hooks aren’t somewhere that will have people running into them or catching their clothes on them accidentally. Towel hooks on the back of doors are a great space saver, but ensure to check they don’t come into contact with adjacent walls when the door is open and closed, as this could cause damage to other surfaces.

We’ve got this pegged

Ready to add the practicality of some towel hooks to your existing bathroom, or give a snappy finish to your refurbishment or new home? At House of Home, we make the process easy and hassle-free. Simply browse the great range we have on offer from trusted retailers, choose your ordering method, and you’ll have those finishing touches fitted in no time.

Discover the different between a towel rail and a towel hook and which will suit your bathroom the best.