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Bathroom Cup Holders


Up the ante with our bathroom cup holders

A bathroom accessory you absolutely need

If you find your bathroom accessories easily get strewn across the little free space you have, and you are lacking in storage space for your smaller everyday items, then you are in urgent need of a bathroom cup holder or two.

Traditionally, bathroom cup holders serve the purpose of storing your toothbrush and toothpaste in one easily-accessible space, either on a vanity top or even a windowsill, depending on size of your bathroom.

Thinking outside the box, bathroom cup holders can actually be a seriously versatile addition to a space. They not only keep your counter top spick-and-span, but can also be used as a storage option for bathroom items other than teeth-cleaning products.

For those make-up fiends, they are a great option for storing make-up brushes and essentials in one space, conveniently located near your bathroom mirror of course!

How about simply using it as a spot to keep a classic highball glass or funky-coloured tumbler stored for your evening routine of brushing your teeth and swishing your mouth clean?

Our modern range of bathroom cup holders

With House of Home's brilliant range, forget the good old days of having to unsteadily balance a cup somewhere in your bathroom.

We have chosen wall-mounted bathroom cup holders that are easily affixed and keep your surfaces clear and tidy. Are you looking for a double-bathroom cup holder, complete with a soap dispenser as well as a cup? We have a large number of these options for those who are looking for that extra organisation in their bathroom.

Our selected showcased brands range from budget-friendly, practical options, to high-end products with that extra "wow-factor". We've also covered all of your bases in terms of finding the right colour and material to suit your bathroom decor. We have timeless brass, modern chrome, classic ceramic and futuristic glass bathroom cup holders to suit even the most discerning homewares buff.

Browse House of Home's unique range of bathroom cup holders today.

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