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Don't settle for rubbish when it comes to bathroom bins

Why bathroom bins should be attractive and effective

Whether you’re looking to de-clutter your existing facilities, or you need to add the finishing touches to the pride and joy that is your newly renovated bathroom, an ergonomically-designed, aesthetically-pleasing bathroom bin is essential.

With the range of beauty products we modern humans use, shelves, sinks and baths can become overwhelmed with empty bottles, flattened cardboard packaging and used cotton buds very quickly. By investing in a bathroom bin from our extensive range above, you can ensure that your bathroom is a clean and tidy space to spend time – and, of course, wash – in!

What kind of bathroom bin should I buy?

Ideally, you want your bathroom bin to match the overall appearance of your bathroom. You’ll also want it to be fairly minimalistic - it should sit in a corner, or beneath a cupboard, saving space and not drawing the eye too much. A small pedal bin offers a holistic and ergonomic solution; its limited size means it can sit where you want it to, while the pedal ensures ease of use for the bathroom’s incumbent, whatever age they are! The best bathroom bins will provide a waste capacity of around three to five litres – large enough that you won’t have to empty it every day; small enough that your waste won’t be sitting in there for months at a time.

House of Home – the place to go for your bathroom accessory requirements

At House of Home, we recommend only the best in bathroom accessories, including bathroom bins. The bathroom should be, by its very nature, the cleanest room in the house, but if used moisturiser and empty shampoo bottles are piling up, it quickly becomes a cluttered and unattractive space. Purchase one of our bathroom bins today and you’ll quickly see the benefit of encouraging waste disposal in your washing facilities.

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