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Caroma Bathroom Basins


Caroma Bathroom Sinks – Style You Can Trust, Value You Can See

For generations, Caroma sinks have been known for their quality, efficiency and style. They’re some of the most sought-after basins for bathrooms across the world, and now you can get Caroma sinks at House of Home. Pick from a wealth of selections, and transform the appearance of your bathroom with the right Caroma bathroom basin.

Considerations for Buying Caroma Sinks

Your next Caroma sink investment is an important one, so it’s good to know you have many choices. Caroma bathroom sinks come in several styles, including:

Wall-hung basins. These sinks are free-floating and are supported by anchors in the wall. They give a sleek, streamlined look to the bathroom. They’re also great for bathrooms that are a little smaller.

Inset basins. Inset basins fit neatly into the bathroom countertop and often partially extend from the countertop. If you’re purchasing a Caroma bathroom basin as a replacement, you should be careful and measure the countertop opening precisely. That way, you’ll be sure your new basin fits perfectly.

Above-counter basins. These basins appear to sit on top of the countertop, and they add a novel visual element to the bathroom. They can be of complementary colour to the surrounding countertop, or they may be in complete contrast to the countertop hue.

Under-counter basins. Basins that are under the counter are very standard in many bathrooms. These are attached under the countertop and offer a natural flow between the countertop and the sink material.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Caroma Sink

Caroma bathroom basins are available in porcelain, enamel or a ceramic-porcelain mix. Each type of material requires a specific type of cleaning product, and the sink should be wiped after each use to reduce build-up. The better you treat your Caroma bathroom sink, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy its durable beauty.

What Shape of Caroma Basin Is Right for You?

If you’re renovating your bathroom rather than just buying a replacement Caroma basin, you can be innovative in terms of the shape of your sink. Caroma bathroom sinks come in shapes that are generally circular, cylindrical, oval, square, triangular, rectangular and irregular. If you can envision your ideal type of basin, it’s likely there’s a Caroma bathroom sink on the market that fits your vision.

Caroma Sinks to Fit Every Budget

Whether you have a large or a modest budget, you can find Caroma sinks to choose from. Our collection of available Caroma bathroom basins is constantly being updated, so check back frequently to find the perfect Caroma sink for your needs. Don’t forget that you can get Caroma sinks for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms, too. Caroma offers plenty of sink sizes suitable for home use.

Check out the selection of Caroma sinks at House of Home today.

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