Bathroom Basins


Your Perfect Bathoom Basins

If you’re revamping your bathroom, a new basin should definitely be on your list. House of Home has a great range of bathroom basins from stockists across Australia. From counter and freestanding options, to inset and wall hung styles – we’ve got a basin to suit your needs. Browse the range by style, size, shape and finish and purchase in store or order online for delivery to your door.

Styles of bathroom basin:

Above counter: These are one of the most popular basin styles as they allow for a bit more personalisation than a traditional bathroom vanity. Use your own bathroom cabinetry and position the above counter basin on top.

Freestanding: these are smaller basins that are ideal for ensuites and toilets, but would look overpowered in a larger bathroom.

Inset: Inset basins are like above counter in the sense that they sit on top of a counter, however they typically sit flush with the counter top.

Pedestal: Pedestal basins are similar to freestanding, but have more options that would suit larger bathrooms as well.

Semi-recessed: Semi-recessed basins often sit on top of a counter top, but with the front part of the basin exposed.

Under counter: As the name suggests, these basins are fitted underneath a counter, rather than on top of it.

Wall hung: Wall hung basins do not require any cabinetry or counter tops and are instead suspended from the wall.

After you’ve chosen your basin style, take a look at our basin drainage, accessories and basin frames.

Bathroom basin style tips:

• Choose a style that will match the size of your bathroom – you don’t want something too big or too small.

• Above counter, inset and under counter basins are great options if you have bathroom cabinetry you wish to include in your bathroom.

• Pedestal and freestanding basins can work well in smaller bathrooms, and wall hung can give the illusion of more space.

• Double basin options are also popular, for a “his and hers” look in an ensuite.

For even more style tips check out our Buying Guide To Bathroom Basins and guide to creating the perfect Powder Room.