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Bathroom Accessory Sets


Bathroom Accessory Sets For That Finishing Touch

Whether you're looking to put the finishing touches on your new bathroom or wanting something to refresh the look of your old bathroom, House of Home has a range of accessory sets to give your bathroom that extra something!

Style or practicality - now you don't have to choose

The most important thing about your bathroom is that everything works, but why can't it look good too? Elegance meets function with our huge range of bathroom accessories. Set the standard with one of our sleek towel hooks, rails, or rings - and why not match it to one of our toilet roll holders? And most importantly, let go of the plastic toilet brush and replace it with one of our more elegant options. Make your necessities into niceties and impress your guests.

Ingenuity and aesthetic

It's the little things that count - like one of our pop down wastes, a fantastic alternative to the ordinary plughole. Unlike pop up sink stoppers, the pop down waste is open when flush against the sink, rather than when it sits up above it. This creates a smooth, elegant look that is sure to add a shine to your bathroom. Even better, you won't have to worry about losing your jewellery because due to the construction of the pop down waste, it's almost impossible for it to slip through the waste. Fantastic!

Matching options

Admit it - everybody loves matching sets. And nothing looks less organised than a mismatched set of bits and pieces from around the house masquerading as bathroom items. The coffee mug that currently houses your toothbrushes? Just think - it could have coffee in it instead. At House of Home we have a selection of coordinated bathroom accessory sets that include soap dishes, toothbrush holders, tumblers, lotion bottles, and even toilet brushes, so that nothing looks out of place.

So if you're looking to add that little bit of extra style to your bathroom, explore our range of items from guaranteed retailers across Australia and have it shipped or pick it up as is convenient to you. With House of Home, it's simple to make your bathroom look fresh.

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