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Bathroom Accessories


Bathroom accessories for the functional designer

Accessorising your bathroom is like adding the finishing touch on a masterpiece. It's necessary, but should be easy and enjoyable. Browse our range of bathroom accessories to see how our extensive range can add function and beauty to your bathroom.

Shower shelving and storage

Our minimalist bathrooms with frameless showers and large tiles give the illusion of space and luxury. However, the shower is still a place of practical movement, and shower storage needs to be considered when designing a bathroom. When choosing shower storage, try to maintain a cohesive look between the shower shelf and other elements within the shower, such as the tile or the tapware. A sleek, streamlined look will help to maintain the illusion of space while allowing the practicalities of shelving. Add a touch of sophistication with matte black shelves or go natural with a teak shelf.

Bath caddies for true relaxation

Does anything say 'kick back and relax' like a bath caddy? A bath caddy is the bathroom accessory required to make a luxury bath feel inviting, and increases the functional use of the bathroom as a space for leisure instead of just hygiene. Don't go past a natural look bath caddy to balance the book and the wine when you sink into a hot bath at the end of a day.

Soap holders and towel racks

Soap holders and towel racks rank among the most critical bathroom accessories. Why? Aesthetically they can range from subtle to deluxe, but regardless of the form, the soap holder maintains a hygienic look with the convenience of form. Bathroom accessories should be easy to use and clean, and should be the finishing touch on a well thought out design. Soap holders and towel racks imply that the job is finished and the bathroom is usable.

House of Home is the place to go for all your bathroom accessories. Our extensive range caters to all styles and the latest cutting edge trends. Browse our store or shop online to access bathroom accessories that add the finishing touches on your bathroom. At House of Home, adding bathroom accessories to your interior design will be enjoyable and easy.

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