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Wrap yourself in a bath towel

Go for a large bath towel for the luxurious feeling of wrapping your body in a warm, soft towel after every shower. Opt for soft and fluffy, but size is key. A plush material will provide inviting warmth with the added bonus of additional moisture absorption.

Clean design

Egyptian cotton and bamboo are both functional and beautiful. Look for clean, soft designs which will allow you to streamline light, airy and clean lines across your bathroom.

Functional towelling

After you've wrapped your body in the warmth of a plush bath sheet, you need something to wrap up your hair while you finish off your skin routine, right? Don't forget to get a bath towel that caters for the hair as well. Consider a microfibre to draw out moisture from the hair and body. A waffle weave is a great option for efficiency and ensures gentle care on the skin and hair.

Towel design

Don't let your towels bring down your bathroom look. Choose a towel that will look good and will maintain or enhance your bathroom design. Go for something bold like a striped design, or opt for classic white provincial for a touch of sophistication.

Bathroom design

Just as a living room can be completely changed by a rug or a painting, a bath towel can alter the aesthetics in any bathroom. Add a splash of colour to a black and white bathroom, or maintain the natural look of a bathroom with wooden accessories by going for rich, earthy coloured towels.

Towels aren't just towels

Browse the selection at House of Home to see that there are an extensive range of bath towels just waiting for you to choose the one that suits you and your bathroom best.

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