Bath Sheet


Bath sheet

Bath sheets are extra large bath towels offering more absorbency and more towel to dry you off after your shower. Bath sheets are also a great option for those who like to wrap their towels around them but find a standard towel just a tad too small.

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Bath towels are typically around 27 x 52 inches, whereas bath sheets are typically 35 x 60 inches. If you need to use more than one towel to dry yourself off, or if you like to wear your towel around your waist, then a bath sheet is for you.

While sometimes seen as a more luxurious alternative to standard bath towels, bath sheets can sometimes be more expensive than bath towels, however the extra absorbency makes up for the increase in price.

Tips for buying a bath sheet:

Check the gsm of the bath sheet you want to buy. Gsm measures the grams per square metre - the higher the number the higher the absorbency. Anything over 400gsm ensures a high quality bath sheet.

Once purchasing your bath sheet, be sure to wash it separately before use, avoiding bleach and no higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

As the towel is a lot bigger than other towels, it may take longer to dry. Always hang the bath sheet up to dry on a hook or on a towel rail.

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