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Beautiful and efficient bath fillers

The centrepiece of your bathroom

The beauty of a bathtub as the centrepiece of a contemporary bathroom cannot be understated. Freestanding tubs are at once strikingly chic and elegant, so it's no wonder that we are seeing a resurgence in their popularity. But a stunning bathtub needs a stunning bath filler, and making the right choice might just be key to making your bath pop.

Modern, minimalist or classic

With such a large range for you to choose from, you can be forgiven if you feel overwhelmed. After all, it is just a bath filler, right? Well, no. Like choosing the right accessories for your outfit or the perfect side to your meal, selecting a bath filler can be an important statement.

Modern fillers with sharp angles and minimalist design can create a contemporary feel for your bathroom. While a classic, curvy bath filler can send a message of timelessness.

Be bold, go black

It's easy to think that your only option is chrome when it comes to bath fillers. What you may not have considered is the range of black bath fillers available. Think outside the box with a freestanding matte black bath filler, and create a cutting edge, modern vibe in your new bathroom.

Freestanding or wall mounted bath filler?

Freestanding bathtubs mean freestanding bath fillers, right? Well, yes and no. If you're planning to move your bathtub to the centre of your room, a freestanding bath filler may be your only option. Otherwise, the choice is yours.

A wall mounted bath filler can save on space and make for less visual clutter - just the ticket for an understated, elegant bathroom that doesn't feature the tub as the centre of attention. A freestanding bath filler may need a little more space, but its ability to cut a striking silhouette is something not offered by a wall mounted filler.

At House of Home, we have a wide range of bath fillers for you to browse. The right bath filler and a beautiful new bathroom are waiting for you.

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