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Bath Drainage


Bathroom plug shopping doesn't have to be draining

Why bath drainage shouldn’t be the last thing on your mind

We all love a nice, relaxing bath every now and then but, like all bathroom installations, due care and maintenance is required to ensure everything works as it should. Plugs can degrade with age, causing your bath to leak and waste water, while body hair and other detritus can quickly clog up your drains. It’s therefore important that you choose a bath drainage option that’s right for you and your needs.

We have products designed for both baths and sinks

If your plug cover is no longer sealing up the plughole as it used to, why not upgrade to a modern, stylish pop-up plug? Simply press down on the plug when you want to fill the bath with water, and press again when you need to empty – it’s that simple! Our pop up plugs are crafted from brass, with a chrome finish, meaning they’re easy to clean and maintain. If you have children who are often forgetting to turn off the tap, we have pop up plugs that come with an overflow feature, meaning that any potential calamities are negated.

Modern bathrooms and baths need contemporary bath drainage

The tin bathtub of yesteryear is (thankfully) long gone, and homeowners are increasingly opting for freestanding options, made from a variety of materials, including ornate marble and practical acrylic. Now, if you’ve splashed out on a sophisticated bath, with all the surrounding amenities to match, why would you skimp on something as important as a plug? Traditional fixed plugholes and plastic or rubber covers are tough to clean and degrade easily, so opt for a modern pop up option – these can be removed so you can get to the source of that blockage much more quickly!

At House of Home, we’ve got bath drainage covered, so stop worrying, lie back and lather up!