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Bathroom efficiency with pop up wastes

The aesthetic of a pop up waste

Nothing says class like a bathroom full of sleek lines and elegant finishes and that’s what you’ll get with one of our pop up wastes. The pop up wastes come in a range of materials to suit any bathroom style, and are an enormous step up from the humble rubber drain plug. What is usually the most unattractive part of the bathroom sink or bathtub becomes the centrepiece that offsets the whole thing.

Practical and easy to use

The pop up wastes are in the ‘open’ position when they are up, and are in the ‘closed’ position when pressed down, so they’re perfect for your bathtub as well as your sink. They’re also very easy to remove and clean – no more trying to get the grime off that stained plastic grate. Simply unscrew the moveable centre part and have quick, easy access to the underside of the waste as well as the inside rim of the drain. Simple!

Timeless and elegant

We all know someone who always seems to be having work done on their bathroom. Save yourself the hassle later on and create a bathroom that doesn’t need updating. Invest in the little things that will keep your bathroom looking great for years to come. When your neighbour is starting to get sick of their ornate fittings and your bathroom is still as sleek and classic as the day it was installed, you can thank yourself for choosing timeless elegance.

So make the decision today to upgrade to style. At House of Home we have a range of pop up wastes to fit every bathroom design, from guaranteed retailers across Australia. With the choice to purchase in-store or online, with click and collect or delivery services for your convenience, it has never been easier to create a more sophisticated look for your bathroom.

Discover how you can create an affordable and luxurious bathroom.