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Basin spouts for optimum performance

A small but serious addition

When you are renovating your home, or perhaps just one space, you might be fooled into thinking that your choice of basin spout should be somewhere at the bottom of your list of priorities. When there are so many other big decisions to make - your choice of basin, shower head or light installation, for example - the significance of a great basin spout can easily fall by the wayside.

When you sit down a moment to consider the work that a spout does, you will realise that it can be extremely beneficial to choose a high quality basin spout that will stand the test of time, use after use. That's where we come in.

Our diverse range

At House of Home, we source and showcase the very best in basin spouts from across this vast nation of ours. So you will only need to look in the one place to find the perfect match for your space - whether it's a bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

Are you after a stock-standard, curved chrome basin spout that will stand up to the mammoth task of supplying water to your home day after day? We have a large selection of chrome shades; from everyday glossy silver to dark gun-metal chrome, we have your needs covered.

Perhaps your needs are more niche, and you are looking for a black matte spout to blend in with your modern interior? How about upping the ante and opting for a straight or combination shape basin spout? There's something incredibly contemporary and sought-after about straight-edge wall mounted spouts.

Do you need a dual-water mixer tap to save time? Or maybe a three-hole basin mixer set to complete your room's elegant décor?

At House of Home, we are proud to choose only the best basin spouts nationwide to feature right here in one place. Durable, diverse and different every time, you will be sure to find the spout that is up to the task.

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