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Breaking down basin drainage

The basin drainage system that you choose is actually vital for the health of your bathroom and its drainage system. Drainage issues can be costly, time-consuming and stressful - but they're also avoidable.

Choosing low-quality basin drainage can lead to further plumbing problems down the road - and nobody wants that! Not investing in good-quality products at the beginning could be a regrettable move down the track, and many people don't know that basin drainage can also add practicality, aesthetic appeal and usefulness to your space.

We have the answer for you

At House of Home, we have scoured this vast country of ours to find only the best-quality suppliers and retailers of basin drainage systems to showcase right here in one spot.

The most popular option for drainage, whether it is in your laundry or bathroom, is a pop-up waste. We have a large range from various retailers and the magic of these simple and budget-friendly additions is simple. Once installed, you can leave it popped up to keep water continuously running down your drain, or simply push the waste down to plug the basin and fill it with water. Wastes are perfect for any basin task - whether it is your nightly skincare routine or soaking clothes in your laundry basin.

Not only are pop-up wastes water-saving and environmentally-conscious, but they make the routine of using your basin simple - without the need for an often ill-fitting and therefore water-consuming plug.

Looking instead for a square floor drain for your shower or wet room that will stand the test of time? We showcase a range of floor drains available to buy both online and in-store.

At House of Home, you only need to look in the one spot to find a multitude of great-quality products from a large array of basin drainage retailers nationwide. Have a browse today and experience the joy of choosing a basin drainage system that will make all of your basin tasks a breeze.

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