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Bottle Traps for Your Bathroom Basin

The bathroom is becoming a prominent design hub of the home. The balance of your design needs to be perfect, so attention to detail is critical. Shop instore or online to see our extensive range of bottle traps that will harmonise your bathroom design.

What is a bottle trap?

Bottle traps are essential for maintaining a hygienic bathroom. They prevent harmful gases from entering the bathroom via the sewer pipes. Bottle traps exist on all bathroom basins, yet they are rarely noticed. Some of them remain hidden in vanities or storage, and some of them come in muted colours that match the basin and wall. However, as we move toward the trend of bathroom minimalisation and striking tapware, the common bottle trap can add an unexpected pop of style and colour to the modern bathroom.

Can bottle traps be beautiful?

Striking, beautiful and functional, a bottle trap can either match the tapware or offset it, each combination producing a remarkable result. Bottle traps come in various sizes, colours, and designs. You should consider your bottle trap carefully to match your interior design. Consider how a matte black tap and bottle trap combination would create a bookend to a statement sink. Or how a chrome bottle trap could add a cohesive line of colour from your chrome bath taps and door handles. Now no longer hidden behind a vanity, the basin bottle trap is tiny in size but large in statement, as it shows a dedication to designer aesthetics in the bathroom.

How should I choose a bottle trap?

While cast brass bottle traps might look great in a home that honours the industrial theme, go with a style that is timeless and works with the form you have chosen for your bathroom. Choose a bottle trap that will continue to look clean over time, and creates a streamline effect with the colours of your bathroom. You can choose a bottle trap to match the tiles behind, or match it to your tapware. Keep in mind that if you ever replace the tiles or change the colours, you are unlikely to replace the bottle trap unless you are changing the basin.

At House of Home, we stock a range of bottle traps that are sure to add an exquisite detail to any bathroom. With just the click of a button, you will have the essential element to a designer bathroom on its way.

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