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Bar Stools


Bar Stools for Sale at House of Home

Bar stools bring a fun yet practical element to your space. Perfect at the breakfast bar in your kitchen, bar stools complete a kitchen. Bar stools are the perfect spot to sit kids for an afternoon snack, to gather friends for a casual drink, or to sit and chat and keep someone company while they are busy in the kitchen.

With the kitchen being the hub of most homes, the choice of the style of your bar stools is quite important for your overall finished look. Often grouped in odd numbers, a group of three bar stools is most common, the kitchen bar stool links the kitchen and dining spaces. That's why having the choice of 1000+ bar stools on our marketplace is so awesome - no matter what your style is eclectic, transitional, traditional or contemporary, we'll have a bar stool or kitchen stool in a style to suit your budget.

A Curated Collection of Bar Stools From Australia’s Preferred Retailers

Our online marketplace of bar stools includes:

  • An astonishing collection of kitchen bar stools, coloured bar stools, replica bar stools, upholstered bar stools, leather bar stools, swivel bar stools and more — there is a bar stool style for your kitchen here.

  • The option to search by size, material, price and location — narrow down your choices quickly and save loads of time

  • Models in every price point — we welcome shoppers of budgets big and small

  • We work with furniture stores across Australia - so do your research online, and then if you want to head instore, buy online or click and collect, we give you the choice.

Three of our Favourite Bar Stools:

Timber Bar Stools

We love the warmth of natural wood or timber in all furniture. Choosing a timber bar stool for your interior is a great way to add the warmth of wood to your space. Choosing a bar stool made with a light coloured timber like oak suits a clean, scandi aesthetic, while a teak kitchen stool works well with a more mid-century vibe. Choosing a stool which is a mix of timber and other materials - maybe a moulded or upholstered seat, or contrasting metal frame is a great way of featuring the beauty of the wood grain, without there being too much timber. This can be particularly important if you have a similar timber finish dining table and kitchen cupboards.

White Bar Stools

White bar stools are clean, crisp and can be a stand out feature in a minimalist interior. Often teamed with contrasting chrome or matte black frame or fittings a white bar stool will add to the layered look of any interior. A word of warning though... unless your family and friends are ridiculously tidy and careful, don't even consider a fabric upholstered barstool in a light colour. No matter how careful everyone is they will get marked and it won't be long before they are not looking quite as clean or crisp.

Black Bar Stools

While light and white interiors continue to be popular, there is also a really strong trend towards the moody and dark, and the kitchen is no exception. Black breakfast bar stools work in well with the overall dark aesthetic. When you are looking for your perfect black bar stool, its more important to get the choice of design and finish right than making sure its black all over! You might find a breakfast bar stool which is half timber and half black, or has brass accents works better than something that is all one colour.

Bar Stool Buying Guide

Whether you are buying your stools online or instore, make sure you measure the length of your bench. Then lay out the dimensions of the base of the bar stools you are looking at buying. As we mentioned earlier an odd number of stools will look better than an even number, so so if there is enough room for three stools with some space between so that three adults can comfortably sit at your bench.

The last thing you want are unstable, tippy stools - so look for stools with a wide base. Generally the wider the base the more stable the stool. This applies equally to three or four legged stools and the retro-style single column with a gas lift mechanism. This is an important consideration if you have children who will want to play and climb on the stools.

When you’re shopping for a bar stool, once you've decided on the height, also check the seat width and depth. Some bar stools have a footrest built in- whether you like this or not is a preference choice, and depends whether you find this comfortable. Ideally you should check both of these things out in person. And as always, make sure you have your measurements absolutely correct!

Discover Your New Look Today

If keeping things simple sounds appealing, you’ll love sourcing new styles on House of Home. Browse and discover the bar stool you’ll love today!