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Enjoy the Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is becoming an extremely popular choice for Australian homeowners thanks to its many advantages. Not only will you discover that bamboo flooring comes in attractive shades and styles, but it can also be a do-it-yourself dream come true. In fact, when it comes to bamboo flooring in Australia, flooring dealers offer choices that you can install quickly, even if you have limited or no experience with this type of flooring installation process.

Bamboo Flooring Is the Eco-Friendly Choice

One of the primary reasons some homeowners pick bamboo flooring rather than hardwood such as oak or cherry is because of bamboo’s eco-friendliness. It can take decades for a tree to grow to maturity, but bamboo — which is technically grass and not wood — is ready to harvest in only a few years. This makes it sustainable as bamboo can be efficiently cultivated. If you’re concerned about the environment, and you want your flooring to reflect your eco-conscientiousness, bamboo could be the smartest way to go.

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As Tough As Hardwood Flooring

Bamboo flooring is just as durable and lasting as hardwood flooring. Bamboo is also very strong, thanks to how the manufacturers cut and process it. This doesn’t mean it’s indestructible — you still have to make sure you keep your bamboo flooring clean, wipe up liquid spills immediately and avoid moving heavy objects on it to prevent scratching. However, if you properly install and maintain your bamboo flooring, you can expect to enjoy it for years to come.

Available in a Variety of Colours and Styles

Bamboo flooring can take on the look of the most popular hardwoods. Some bamboo flooring looks so much like hardwood that it’s difficult to tell planks apart when you place them side by side! This gives you freedom when it comes to colour and style. You can find bamboo flooring that will complement your décor. If you don’t want your bamboo flooring to mimic the look of hardwoods, it also comes in more natural colours and textures, too!

Caring for Bamboo Flooring Is Simple

Another advantage of bamboo flooring is how simple it is to keep it looking beautiful. All you have to do is make sure you’re keeping it swept clean. Mop up any moisture immediately — bamboo flooring can warp or buckle if it’s exposed to liquids for any length of time. If you need to spot-clean it, don’t worry about buying specialty products. Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water to thoroughly clean the floor. That’s really all that’s required!

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