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Back to Wall Baths


Revitalize Your Bathroom With a Stunning Back to Wall Bath

If you love the look of a freestanding bath but can’t fit one into the floorplan of your bathroom, a back to wall bath might be the answer. Back to wall baths are a freestanding bath tub that has one side designed to be installed hard up against the wall. This means that you get the contemporary look of a freestanding bath but in a space saving back to wall format.

Back to wall baths are available in many of the same design options as Free Standing tubs. So you can find baths in a range of shapes and sizes - many back to wall baths will have a basic oval or rectangular shape, while some have angled sides, tapering in at the bottom. While most back to wall freestanding baths will be designed to be fitted against a wall on one long side, there are baths for sale that are designed to fit into corners and fit against the wall on two sides. The latter are frequently referred to as corner baths.

A wall facing bath is also designed to be installed up against a wall or in a corner, but the key difference is that a back to wall bath is always a freestanding bath, whereas a wall facing bath is an inset bath that requires a support underneath it and a frame around it to be installed.

Explore the Advantages of a Back to Wall Bath

Wall facing baths present many benefits to homeowners and decorators, including:

  • The primary advantage of both the wall facing bath and the back to wall bath is that they allow you flexibility when you are designing your bathroom floorplan to maximize the space. This is particularly helpful when you’ve got a small bathroom.

  • Back to Wall Freestanding Baths are available in several materials, most common is the freestanding acrylic bath, but stone composite and steel or enamel baths are also available. Each of these materials has a different look and feel, allowing you to choose the right back to wall bath for your home.

  • Back to wall baths are perfect for smaller bathrooms, so you’ll often find them in apartments, penthouse and condominium developments. A perfect choice, and space saving solution, as it’s a fine way to have luxury without sacrificing floor space.

  • They are practical and easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about getting in behind your freestanding bath to clean it, as it sits flush against the wall.

  • More than just functional, back to wall baths are very stylish. With clean lines and thinner profile, a wall facing bath will fit seamlessly into any bathroom.

Ordering Back to Wall Baths Is Convenient Online

At House of Home, we’ve designed a shopping experience that is easy and fun. Whether you are looking for the perfect back to wall freestanding bath for sale or some other functional piece of high-quality object d’art for your home, you can take your time to browse our ever-changing selection of merchandise. You’ll find it all — and more — on our expertly curated marketplace. Find the bath you love, head into the bathroom store, buy online or click and collect – you can do it all on House of Home.