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Artificial Trees & Plants


Make faux look fresh with artificial trees & plants

Artificial trees and plants are the answer as lifestyles become ever more hectic and the latest interior decorating trends entice you to bring the outdoors in. Always forget to water? Home devoid of natural light? Hard-to-look-after plants leaving you frustrated? Sounds like it's time to embrace the faux.

Nothing looks better in and around your home than a lush, healthy potted tree. But who has the time and energy to look after them? You're away for business a lot, tied up looking after the kids or enjoying your favourite hobbies, and caring for an indoor tree in a dark corner is not easy. Artificial trees from House of Home are the answer.

Fake looks fresh

Never before has fake looked so fresh, with our impressive range of decorative pruned hedges, mini trees and colour-popping fabric plants and flowers - all looking as lush as those in the botanic gardens and demanding not a single drop of water! Modern decorating trends are adding colourful flowers and natural greens to your décor, but don't be afraid to fake it as high-quality artificial plants and trees can look just as convincing as the real thing.

If you have ever gone through the daily ritual of caring for the real thing, you'll love the convenience and undying beauty of the fully convincing artificial. Perhaps you know someone who has an enviable lush jungle of greenery in their home, but don't have the time, knowledge or kind of home with ample natural light to attempt to recreate it. Artificial trees and plants are the easy way to follow suit with a bevy of greenery even if your 'black thumb' or unsuitable home and lifestyle shouldn't allow it.

No hassle with artificial trees

Unlike natural greenery, artificial trees and plants also mean no water or soil spillages or unseemly insects and wilting nature in your home. They'll look perfect all year round and not cause trouble to any visitors who struggle with plant allergies. These problems are solved whilst not having to go without a home that is vibrant, alive and bursting with natural colour. It's the easy way to finish off a home renovation, brighten up a drab office or decorate a room for a one-off special entertaining event.

Still thinking you prefer the real thing? Get some tips for buying & caring for indoor plants and how to create a green home.