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Make a Bold Statement With Animal Skin Rugs

Are you someone who wants to make a big, bold statement in terms of your home décor? Look no further than animal skin rugs! Animal skin rugs have been used for millennia to create a certain sense of environment that brings nature indoors. They’re brilliant accent pieces that will start conversations every time a guest walks through the door! If you love the organic look of animal hides, you’ll fall in love with animal skin rugs.

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Where to Put Your Animal Skin Rug

Not sure where to put your animal skin rug for the most impact? Why not try some of these ideas?

  1. Add the animal skin rug to your living room. Place it in front of the fireplace or TV console area. You may also want to place it in front of your sofa or a comfortable chair.

  2. Add the animal skin rug to a common hallway. Not only is this a good place to get the most visual exposure, it can really spruce up a hall space. Consider adding nature-themed pictures or other decorations to the hallway walls.

  3. Add the animal skin rug to your home office. There’s something traditionally professional about an animal skin rug in an office. It’s a particularly masculine style of interior design.

  4. Drape the animal skin rug, if it’s soft and pliable, over the foot of your bed. This is another traditional place to use the rug, especially if it has a supple texture.

Of course, you can always put your animal skin rug wherever it suits you. Let your instincts be your guide and enjoy the process of finding the perfect spot for your new purchase!

You’ll Find Plenty of Animal Skin Rugs for Sale

Animal skin rugs feature the hides of numerous animals, including cows and reindeer. Some cowhide animal skin rugs mimic the look of other animals, such as zebras. Each animal skin rug you choose will have its own colour and tone. Remember that because you’re dealing with a natural product, you can expect some variations in shapes and hues.

Caring for an Animal Skin Rug

As the owner of an animal skin rug, it’s important for you to protect your investment. Animal skin rugs require special care — consider this when choosing an animal skin rug for your home. You should shake out your animal skin rug about once every seven to ten days. This helps loosen any debris.

If you vacuum your animal skin rug, please be cautious. Don’t use the strongest suction and try not to allow any ends of the animal skin rug to become entangled in the vacuuming equipment, as the cowhide and leather can tear.

If you need to clean your animal skin rug, you can usually use a mild soap and warm water. Take your time and don’t immerse the rug. If the rug is very wet, hang it up to dry, preferably outside if you have space. This will leave it smelling fresh. If you wind up with a stain or problem that you can’t fix, consider calling in a professional.

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