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Alarm Clocks


Alarm clocks for every bedroom

Every bedroom in the home needs an alarm clock. Parents rely on one to wake them up early enough to get the children ready for school and prepare for work. Children need one so they can wake up on time for breakfast before leaving the house. Even the seldom occupied spare room would benefit from an alarm clock, so guests are able to rise in the morning at a time that suits them. Using a mobile phone as an alarm is unreliable long term because the phone could run out of charge in the middle of the night; however, an alarm clock is always standing in wait, ready to ring or bleep at the set time.

Alarm clocks can be aesthetically pleasing

Since alarm clocks are something we use everyday, it makes sense to ensure the one we choose is attractive and complements our bedroom's decor. Select a clock that matches your colour scheme for a harmonious look, or one in a bright colour that contrasts with the bedroom's wallpaper. A large alarm clock could even act as a bold statement piece in a sophisticated apartment bedroom. Whether plain or patterned, petite or otherwise, an alarm clock could be as stylish as it is practical.

Analogue or digital?

There are pros and cons to both analogue and digital alarm clocks. Traditional-style analogue clocks with a bell on top would perfectly complement a vintage theme, yet you must remember to check the time is always correct and change the batteries when required. Digital clocks are arguably not be as aesthetically pleasing, but because they tend to rely on electricity for power they will never display the wrong time (unless there's a power cut!). Also, their luminous numbers can be seen in the dark, so there's no need to fumble for a light switch.

Whatever your preference, House of Home are guaranteed to have an alarm clock to suit your tastes. Browse online or in store today and find a fashionable alarm clock that will match your bedroom's decor.

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