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Accent Cabinets on House of Home

Accent cabinets make a statement in any room. Whether looking to complement an existing theme with a cabinet your friends will envy, or grab the attention of all who enter the room, our range of accent cabinets is the best in Australia!

Selecting the right accent cabinet for your home

Accent cabinets are the perfect item to add character or a focal piece to your room. With a large variety of styles, themes, sizes, functions, finishes and materials to choose from, our selection of accent cabinets are available both online and in store. Whether looking for an item that provides mostly style with 'bonus' function or mostly function in an amazing style, our range offers something for everyone. Wider cabinets can be used as stylish entertainment units, taller cabinets can be complemented with decorative accessories or striking mirrors and artwork and our stronger styled accent cabinets can be placed alone, as an unmissable statement piece.

Using to find your perfect accent cabinet

Once you have an idea of the accent cabinet you are seeking you can utilise our left hand panel to sort through our wide range. Limit our range by colour, size, shape, style, materials, finish and price range to create your own personal shortlist.

With your shortlist selected consider the room you are intending to furnish:

• What other furniture is in the room?

• Is there an existing theme in the room?

• What space is available, will the item fit nicely or will it dwarf or be dwarfed by other items?

• Are you aiming to create a singular focus within the room or complement an existing style?

• What lighting options are available?

• Where can you best place the item to benefit from this lighting?

• Are there any complementary pieces you should also purchase?

Once you have answered the above questions you should be left with your final options, ready for a decision.

Purchase online or go in-store

All of our products specify whether they are available online or in-store with our guaranteed retailers. We will always welcome an in-store visit to confirm your choice of accent cabinet, or instead, if you're ready to purchase from the comfort and convenience of home, simply order online and we will arrange delivery direct to you.

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