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4 in 1 Light Fan Heaters

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More than an upgrade: the benefits of 4 in 1 light fan heaters

Efficiency that looks good

4 in 1 light fan heaters perfectly illuminate bathrooms while efficiently heating and demisting them. At the flick of a switch, your bathroom can be brilliantly lit, perfectly heated and free of mist – all from one stylishly designed unit.

Instead of having separate lighting, heating and induction fan systems, combine them into a 4 in 1 light fan heater. Not only will you save money and space, the look and feel of your bathroom will come together at one focal point of comfort.

4 in 1 is a true step up

For many years, 3 in 1 light fan heaters offered this ability, but advances in technology and design mean that 4 in 1 is now available.

At a basic level, 4 in 1 light fan heaters will typically have four halogen bulbs, two for light and two for heat, with an induction fan built in. Compare that to 3 in 1 systems, which have either two bulbs dedicated for heat and one for light or vice versa.

4 in 1 light fan heaters offer double the light and double the heat while taking up a similar amount of space and using a similar amount of power.

What to look for in 4 in 1 light fan heaters

Regardless of the make or model you choose, the most important thing to look for when selecting a 4 in 1 light fan heater is the energy rating certificate.

The key advantage of 4 in 1 light fan heaters is energy efficiency, and most manufacturers have attained five star energy ratings for their products.

4 in 1 light fan heaters are built tough so they can provide years of efficient, reliable service while looking great.

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