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1000 Thread Count Sheets


A bed fit for royalty with 1000 thread count sheets

What are 1000 thread count sheets? Basically, the higher the number, the more fibres have been weaved into a certain area of the fabric - and the ultimate in thread count is 1000. Only the highest quality and most luxurious sheets come in 1000 thread count, so choosing from our range means you will turn your ordinary bed into nothing short of a personal sanctuary.

1000 thread count sheets can be affordable, too

Are 1000 thread count sheets worth the extra expense? Firstly, it is possible to pay more for lower count sheets, so don't be fooled by expensive sheets alone. Choose from a range of high quality 1000 thread count sheets like House of Home's and be sure that you're getting the ultimate in luxury at the right price.

Enjoy incredibly smooth 1000 thread count sheets

A 1000 thread count sheet will feel incredibly thin, incredibly fine and incredibly smooth - the ultimate in luxury against your skin. To produce such an amazing product, the longest staple and highest quality yarns are used in collaboration with the best weaving processes, leaving your bed fit for royalty.

1000 thread count sheets are the ultimate in quality

Because the yarn is woven together so tightly, the quality of 1000 thread count sheets is unprecedented. The cotton is always of the highest grade, they feel silky smooth to touch and with the ultimate in texture that will make you want an early night every night of the week!

For the lowdown on natural bed sheet fabrics including 1000 thread count sheets, have a read of our blog. Or, for some expertly-compiled top tips for creating a beautiful bedroom, see what advice we have for you.