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Tired of the same old look of your painted walls? Need the rooms of your modern house to burst with colour, texture, patterns and character? Vision Wallcoverings, an Australian brand with over four decades of experience, is the answer for your contemporary home. The collection is diverse and exciting and unrivalled on the market.

In this day and age, there are so many options for you to finish off the look of your walls. But if you turn to Vision Wallcoverings, you can turn your home from the ordinary to the extraordinary, adding character and warmth to your favourite spaces and bringing out your personality with a diverse range.

Bring out your personality with Vision Wallcoverings

No other option except Vision Wallcoverings offers not only an unprecedented and varied range when it comes to colour, but design options that will suit whatever style, mood, taste and personality you so desire.

Vision Wallcoverings are also the economical choice, with a life much longer than the standard lick of paint and much more protective for your precious wall surfaces. And with the range of styles available, you can make your space luxurious, calm, elegant or bold - the only limit is your imagination.

Create a theme with Vision Wallcoverings

Vision Wallcoverings are easy to install, and can be used to create a theme that runs through your whole house. Let your imagination run wild and coordinate patterns, borders, shapes and colour schemes, taking the boredom out of each room and injecting your personality.

Vision Wallcoverings is the largest wallpaper manufacturer in the southern hemisphere, with the range designed for both the domestic and commercial market and the highest possible quality. The range is so vast it will suit every possible need, from the normal domestic home to a commercial space, and from the elegant to the eclectic.

Before you purchase your Vision Wallcoverings product check out our guide to Select the Right Wallpaper.

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