Sonos Home products


Why Sonos?

Sonos creates perfect wireless speakers that allow you to listen to your own music library or streaming services in any room of your home.

When you buy your first Sonos wireless speaker, your first step is to download the Sonos App, easy.

The App walks you through setting up your Sonos speaker and connecting it to your home wi-fi network. This part was also incredibly straight forward.

From there you can link your personal music library, it might be i-tunes, and your streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, or Apple Music to your Sonos app. And you’ve got access to all the music on earth, wirelessly. And it’s so easy to set up.

Once you’re connected the Sonos App allows you to choose your song and change the volume right from your phone.

There are two other things we love about Sonos. The first is the Trueplay feature. True Play is unique to Sonos – it measures the acoustics in any room, it takes into account the surfaces, space and size of the room, and fine tunes your Sonos speaker to make your music sound even better.

Finally, if you’ve bought one Sonos speaker, and love it, chances are you might be thinking about getting a second one. Here’s the thing – Sonos has been designed to make creating a multi speaker system super easy. The App allows you to choose which sing plays, in which room or rooms and how loud it is.

Sonos - all the music on earth, in every room of your home, wirelessly, in hi fi quality sound.

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