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Wallpaper is back with a bang with Scion

While some interior trends are a flash in the pan, others come and go over the eras for a simple reason: they work. Wallpaper is no different, and new British brand Scion is at the forefront of having turned the tired wallpapers of the 70s into colour-bursting, contemporary and vibrant interiors that work in 2017 and beyond.

Wallpaper is back with a bang with Scion

Not too long ago, it was the feature wall and neutral colours that were making interior designers excited - but wallpaper is back with a bang and Scion is making some of the loudest noise of all! Designers and home decorators are fervently papering whole rooms again - even the ceiling. Bright colours, contemporary designs and unique prints are filling the most modern of homes and the Scion range can be trusted for delivering everything you need and more.

Among the favourite designs in this new wallpaper crazy are bold or strong geometric shapes and patterns, stylised natural scenes and prints, and of course all of those more traditional wallpaper favourites with a fresh, modern twist. So that's exactly what you'll find in the Scion range, where the design focus is on delivering trend-savvy, fresh and fashion-aware wallcoverings in innovative and easy-to-use fabrics and materials - but all with accessible prices.

What exactly can Scion deliver for style?

What the Scion range delivers when it comes to the fashionable return of wallpaper savvy is easy: everything. Whatever style preference is yours, you'll find something to own among the Scion selections: from retro to floral, tribal to geometric, contemporary to checks, fusion, kids, stripes and rustic - Scion has it all and more.

What can Scion do for your room?

While the wallpaper business was always bubbling along, it's only much more recently that people are buying larger quantities of Scion - and why's that? Because they're papering whole rooms and even ceilings. Choose a natural Scion design to recreate the great outdoors right inside a fun, fresh room. Cheer up any mood with colourful stripes, a fun print, or one of the many neutrally-coloured Scion selections that will work with your existing style, no matter what it is.

Why you can trust Scion?

Scion is a proud British company who are committed to displaying the words 'Made in Britain' on every product's packaging! It's a brand also proud of its environmental and sustainable practices, where energy efficiency, low emissions and controlling waste are at the foremost of the manufacturing process. Water is sourced naturally from the River Lune, and Scion treats its own effluent in a facility that has an environmental agency permit.

It's that level of care, quality and detail that make the Scion range of amazing wallpapers among the favourites in the new wave of this interior design trend. But are you having trouble selecting a style, material or colour? Check out our online wallpaper-buying guide, and either get cracking on a brilliant feature wall or buy a roll or three of Scion and go the whole hog on a full four-wall wallpaper makeover in any room.