Scion Wallpaper


Neutral designs from Scion Home products which make an impact

If you are looking for a unique, different and standout wallpaper design, then Scion will probably have something for you. Their designs are quirky and unique, with some wallpapers featuring images such as trees, dogs and even bicycles, perfect for children’s rooms or nurseries.

Give your rooms a makeover with Scion Home products

If you are sick of the beige walls gracing the spaces of your home, why not consider freshening up the look with some beautiful wallpaper? The neutral tones in the Scion Home products range go with other neutral coloured walls, so by simply wallpapering one side of the room you can create an impressive feature wall effect. Automatically give the room a facelift without having to worry about the wallpaper clashing with other objects in the space, as the neutral colours work a treat.

Create a unique space that will impress and inspire creativity

As well as neutral colours, Scion wallpapers are also available in bright designs and patterns, perfect for making any living space stand out. Pick one of the quirky Scion designs for your children's room, and your children will be excited to have friends around after school to show off their new wallpaper in their room.

Imagine your child and their friends playing underneath the newly decorated wall, incorporating the patterns and even reindeers on the wallpaper into their play.

With the choices on offer in the wallpaper range from Scion Home products, the ideas are limitless to what you could do to transform their play space into something that is fun and functional.

The perfect décor for your child's bedroom

Whether you’re sick and tired of your outdated child’s bedroom, or if you simply want some inspiration, take the time to browse the Scion Home wallpaper range and take delight in what you find.

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