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Since Arthur Sanderson made up his first batches of wallpaper in 1860, people all around the world have been enjoying the respected and internationally-renowned company's high-quality printed English chintzes, textures, florals and more. Loved by those with a passion for interior design and decorating, the products are quintessentially English and inspirational.

Aesthetically-exciting wall covers are making a comeback, and not only because they are the trendy pick for 2016. Wallpaper like those designed painstakingly by Sanderson last multiple times longer than paint, whilst always looking contemporary and up-to-date. Sanderson wallpaper can add a real 'wow' factor to a run-of-the-mill room or make a feature wall burst with luxury.

Classic and innovative

Sanderson is renowned for its classic and innovative fabrics and wallpapers, offering exceptional quality with value. Suitable for everyday interior use, children's bedrooms and designer walls, Sanderson is even used by Queen Elizabeth II. The products are known for their classic and timeless designs, such as the floral and bird collection whose bold colours inspire and ignite a room. And while renowned for the traditional, English collections, Sanderson wallpapers are also perfect for the modern interior with up-to-date, bold contemporary styles.

Famous colour palettes

Sanderson wallpaper adds energy to a lifeless room, with stripes and patterns filling the space with elegance. The floral patterns burst with romantic feelings while textures burst with excitement.

A vintage Sanderson collection has also been launched to mark the more than 150 years of the company's history, celebrating the brand's variety and creativity that survives to this day. The company is the oldest of the original swathe of English wallpaper brands. From 1860 until today, Sanderson's famous colour palettes are still loved across the world, satisfying those who want to combine character and harmony with the versatility of a huge range at great prices.

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