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Qasair Rangehoods

House of Home can connect you with the perfect Qasair Rangehood to suit your needs.

Qasair Rangehoods are renowned for elegant style, high quality manufacturing and highly efficient air movement.

Their impressive yet well-deserved reputation was born from 40 years of engineering excellence and design-driven performance - with a hint of luxury.

Manufactured in Melbourne, Qasair Rangehoods are a favourite among Australians, and are the only wholly Australian owned and manufactured rangehoods in the country.

As one of the quietest rangehood lines on the market, Qasair Rangehoods are almost half the noise level of other brands. At just 36.5 to 55 decibels, compared to 70 decibels of other standard Rangehoods, you won’t even notice it’s there.

Qasair Rangehoods are also the most powerful rangehoods available. Each Qasair motor has a high-speed airflow of 900 cubic meters of air per hour, compared to other standard rangehood motors with a high-speed airflow of just 300-600 cubic meters of air per hour.

This uncompromised quality, paired with unparalleled power and functionality provides the perfect solution for ventilation needs.

Qasair Rangehoods make a style statement, and as well as being the obvious choice for indoor ventilation, Qasair’s quality manufacturing has also proven suitable for outdoor environments and Al Fresco dining.

Made from high quality type 304-brushed stainless steel, Qasair Rangehoods are built to last. These rangehoods can feature either a single, twin or triple motor and can be customised to suit specific style, size and placement needs.

Each product is made with a single piece of stainless steel to provide a seamless and sleek look, free from joins and seams.

Qasair Rangehoods are without a doubt the quietest and most powerful rangehoods on the market, and effortlessly complement any kitchen design in mind.

House of Home is proud to stock Qasair Rangehoods, and have many styles and specifications to choose from.