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Pickawall was launched in late 2012 and has grown to be a popular brand of wallpaper which has been featured on some of Australia’s favourite renovating reality television shows and in various magazines. Pickawall pride themselves on creating easy to install, removable custom wallpaper suitable for any room in your home.

They use the latest technology and techniques to create high quality and environmentally friendly products, and this is why they are regarded as Australia’s removable wallpaper specialists. When it comes to choosing which image you would like on your Pickawall, the choice truly is nearly limitless. Their image library is supplied and powered by the world’s biggest photo libraries, giving you instant access to more than 60 million images. So you should be able to find just what you are looking for! You can also customise your wallpaper by simply uploading your own photo or design. So what are you waiting for, Pickawall!

Tips for installing Pickawall removable wallpaper

How much wallpaper to order?

Every Pickawall is custom printed to order. So measure up the area you want to paper over carefully, and this is the size you will receive. Because it is custom printed for each job, you don't need to buy extra to allow for matching pattern repeats.

Wall Preparation

Pickawall paper is thicker than a lot of wallpapers, and this means that you don’t need to be as fastidious with your wall preparation as it will smooth over small imperfections. Its always important though to wipe over the wall and make sure it is dust free.

How to install your Pickawall piece?

The best place to start is to always read the instructions first. Make sure you have organised the order of the drops correctly - you don't want a mismatched picture, or to have to reapply. Then start with an inconspicuous upper corner of the room. Depending on the wallpaper, you may have to apply it flush to the cornices, but otherwise, you can leave a 3 cm overhang that you can trim later for a clean finish.

Here’s the great bit – the papers are self-adhesive and removable, so they don't require any paste or water and aren't messy to apply. And if you make a mistake you can just gently peel it back and start again. Pickawall wallpaper is one of the easiest wallpapers to apply. It's washable, removable, and easily maintained.

See how we used Pickawall's wallpaper to create our luxe loft living vignette.