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Tips for putting up wallpaper

Before putting anything up, you have to do two things. First, select your wallpaper), and select which wall/walls you wish to wallpaper.

Pickawall specialises in custom murals and feature wall designs where usually only one wall is used. You want to consider light, which wall is the first one guests see, and furniture arrangement. If you know where your bed will go, people often like their feature wall to go behind their bed head, whereas in the living room, you might want to avoid crowding a space by putting wallpaper behind any TV units.


Most wallpaper products are thin, and will show imperfections in a wall after you put them up. Pickawall paper, however, is thicker and will smooth over most imperfections.

Furthermore, with thick wallpaper, the colour from the original wall is completely covered. Thin wallpaper can allow the wall paint to show through, so the wall will require painting beforehand.


Always measure your wall before purchase. In Australia, we use square metres, so measure up and buy the correct amount of wallpaper for your wall. Pickawall mural wallpaper also doesn't have such difficult matching needs as repeating wallpaper, so you don't need to buy extra to allow for matching.


Always read the instructions first, make sure you have organised the order correctly - you don't want a mismatched picture, or to need to reapply. Then start with an inconspicuous upper corner of the room. Depending on the wallpaper, you may have to apply it flush to the cornices, but otherwise, you can leave a 3 cm overhang that you can trim later for a clean finish.

Further application can depend on the wallpaper in question. All our Pickawall products are self-adhesive and removable, so they don't require any paste or water and aren't messy to apply.

Pickawall wallpaper is one of the easiest wallpapers to apply. It's washable, removable, and easily maintained. Browse through our designs to find one that will suit your home.

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