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The revival of much-loved wallpaper

For years, wallpaper has been a staple in many homes. This is due to its versatility and ability to uplift and alter your interior decor easily and seamlessly, simply by changing your wallpaper.

Choosing new wallpaper can change the overall feel of your home and go a long way towards brightening your space with a touch of colour, or on the flip-side, creating a clean, neutral design.

British brand Osborne & Little is a world leader in wallpaper and fabrics, and has grown from strength to strength, evolved and diversified itself constantly since its inception in the 1960s. Its wallpaper options are top-quality, long-lasting and carefully chosen to bring only the best to its customers.

Browse the Osborne & Little range with House of Home

House of Home is thrilled to showcase a large selection of Osborne & Little's wallpaper range. We aim to point you in the right direction to either a stockist located close to you that sells the print or pattern of your choosing, or an online retailer that can fulfil your wallpaper dreams with the click of a mouse.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by our seemingly endless range? We make it easy to filter your search results not just for buying online, click & collect or in-store options, but to filter also by price range, location, colour, size and style. We've thought of everything to make your online browsing experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Ideas and inspiration abound

Do you love the clean, neutral wall look that is oh-so-easy to contrast with splashes of colour within your home decor? Osborne & Little's range of beige, grey and white wallpapers are the perfect backdrop for a Scandinavian-inspired home. For something a little different, choose neutral shades in a striped design that is simple, yet eye-catching.

On the flipside, if you are a fan of modern, sophisticated interiors in dark hues, Osborne & Little have you covered with sultry shades of black, grey, brown and navy that will be sure to tickle your fancy. On the other end of the design spectrum, if you are looking for something wild, eye-catching and eclectic, you need look no further.

From bold book designs for your study or library, tropical prints for a conservatory or sunlit room, to varying animal prints for a bold, fun living space - Osborne & Little is an endless source of wallpaper inspiration in itself.

The Osborne & Little range also includes gorgeous and unique wallpaper designs for children's bedrooms. Their animal wallpaper, in a subtle green, is the perfect special addition to your little one's nursery or bedroom.

These are just a few examples of the never-ending number of wallpaper and interiors trends Osborne & Little's designs cover, and you will be hard-pressed to not be filled to the brim with inspiration and anticipation of selecting, purchasing and installing your stunning new wallpaper.

Browse House of Home's showcase of the Osborne & Little brand today.