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Onada was founded by a couple of Melbournians on the concept of innovative design and specialised, bespoke furniture ideas. Function is not forgotten, but Onada's products are genuinely beautiful, highly original and perfect for the home or contemporary office.

The quirky and reclining Siesta Chair

Onada founder James O'Brien was inspired to combine his passion for architecture, cutting edge design and furniture after travelling widely, coming up with the ergonomically quirky and reclining Siesta Chair. As a brand, 'Onada' means 'wave' in Catalan, inspired by Mediterranean culture.

The Onada chair is stylish and ergonomic

The Siesta Chair is hand made in Australia, and very good for you. A chair that is good for you? That's right: because your feet are elevated above your heart, your circulatory health is being targeted.

Onada's centrepiece is also good for your battered spinal discs and supporting muscles and sinews, putting you in the ideal sitting position for the health and recovery of our cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas of the spine.

Onada chair good for digestion and stress relief

Believe it or not, the Siesta Chair is also good for your digestion and relieving heartburn, particularly after a meal. The leg position will also relieve your tired and swollen ankles after a long day on your feet, and promote stress relief.

Explore the rest of the Onada range

But Onada doesn't stop there. More exciting and sustainable ideas are now also in the Onada range, which House of Home is proud to present. Lounge chairs and the truly unique 'kneeling' chair are also in the Onada range, while a leaf table by Onada will really set off your stylish new furniture pieces.

To find out more about Onada's Siesta Chair, read our blog article here. In need of further chair inspiration? Take a look at our article on finding the perfect outdoor chair.

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