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House of Home can connect you with an exquisite range of bathroom, kitchen and laundry fittings from Methven, award-winning pioneers in cutting-edge water flow technology solutions.

Their expertise is showcased across a range of masterfully manufactured showerheads, bathroom tapware, kitchen tapware and valves for a style statement around the home.

World-renowned for creating wonderful water experiences, Methven has set the standard for high quality and incredibly durable tapware solutions since 1886.

Founded by George Methven in Dunedin, New Zealand, the company originally functioned as an iron and brass foundry, before focusing on taps and laundry vessels several years later.

All Methven tapware and shower products exceed water and energy efficiency standards across their award-winning range.

They take pride in their sustainability practices designed to slash power and water bills, as well as preserve the environment’s natural resources - they even encourage their business partners to meet the same eco-friendly standards.

They also minimise their packaging materials, ensure packaging materials are recyclable and use sustainable vegetable oil based ink.

Methven’s range exudes sophisticated style, smart water control, undeniable practicality and outstanding craftsmanship.

With a passion for design and innovation, Methven has launched countless impressive new water technology systems over the years including:

• Fastflow – a solution to combat unequal hot and cold water pressures

• Tahi Thermostatic – precise water flow control with the use of levers instead of dials

• Satinjet – shower experiences with twinjets of water including the Kiri Satinjet, Kiri Ultra Flow Satinjet, Waipoi Satinjet and the Kaha Satinjet

• Aroha Tapware – pushing the design boundaries of conventional tapware and introducing new sleek styling for the modern home

• Aurajet – Methven’s most advanced, invigorating and luxurious shower experience, delivered in a halo-shaped showerhead.

Expertly designed and beautifully crafted, Methven’s range is built to last and truly makes a statement in any bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

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