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Go the extra mile with a Masport fire

If you've never thought about getting a wood fire, Masport will be the perfect entry point because of the simplicity, value and beauty of the products. Masport has been in the business for decades and is popular not just in Australia but throughout the world.

A Masport fire is the perfect choice

In this day and age, 'carbon neutral' and 'renewable' are buzzwords that are very important to many people - and wood is most certainly both of those things. That means that while wood does release some carbon as it decomposes naturally, you don't release any additional carbon simply by heating your home with a Masport product. And as your wood is burning, replacements in the form of new trees are already in the process of growing!

Choose Masport and help the planet

In fact, Masport is a true believer in great modern forest management practices, because if they are followed, the atmosphere is actually 'washed' of carbon. So not only are you not harming the planet by buying a high-quality fire from Masport, you're actually helping!

And not just that, a Masport wood heater is extremely energy-efficient. Unlike many of the more modern forms of heating, heat from a Masport heater will radiate throughout your entire home. They're fun and easy to operate, wood is cheap to buy and a Masport heater will look awesome in your place, no matter your interior decoration style.

Masport combines function with beauty

In every Masport heater, you'll discover quality bundled with that beautiful and functional design. That's because of more than 35 years of experience in the Australasian market that those well beyond New Zealand and Australia also appreciate.

You now know that wood fires are the most efficient form of heating, but Masport was not happy to leave it there! The latest generation of Masport products, presented right here in the House of Home range, is the result of detailed research and innovation that makes wood fires even more clean-burning and energy efficient than ever before. In short, they are 'clever' fires that are easy to control, great to look at, and - of course - incredibly cosy.

Get the most from Masport with these tips

What could be better than that? How about Masport's 10-year warranty that comes with every freestanding, pedastal, inbuilt and cast iron product you can see right here - and more! Or what about some great tips to help you get the most out of your new Masport product from House of Home?

Buying wood in bulk - up to 6 or even 12-month supplies if you have storage room - is always cheaper, so it will make your Masport fire even more efficient. Choose woods including red gum, which burn slower and more efficiently, and make sure that the wood you buy is dry and hard for maximum heating time and longevity.

Need some extra help choosing the perfect type of wood heater for your needs? We've thought of it all in our blog.