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Passion meets innovation with Kristalia

Founded by young Italian entrepreneurs over 20 years ago and inspired by their love of design and jazz, Kristalia is all about innovation, experimentation and the most modern of technical solutions, featuring materials borrowed from fashion and sport and sculpted into fascinating modern furniture.

Passion meets quality with Kristalia

That unique combination of design, jazz, technology and innovation has resulted in a stunning range of Kristalia products, from the most innovative yet beautiful and ultra-modern chairs and tables, artful mirrors, and never-before-seen furniture solutions that will intrigue you with their function and style.

Kristalia combines technology and beauty

The result is the cutting edge of contemporary furnishings in the form of the Kristalia range. The brand never cuts corners or skimps on stunning detail, whilst also taking inspiration from the best of traditional styles and the need for homewares to be both stylish and functional.

Kristalia products are bold and unique

Kristalia attracts customers with an eye not only for aesthetics, but also qualitative characteristics inspired by innovation meeting Italian and international design. The products are bold, technologically complex, pioneering and truly unique, whilst still stunningly simple in their form and function.

Instantly-recognisable Kristalia range

The products, including beautiful stools, dining room furniture, side and coffee tables and much more, are instantly recognisable as Kristalia and yet always innovative and unique.

Kristalia may be pioneering, and the designers may have unprecedented freedom to express their passions, but there is no cutting corners with quality.

Kristalia is proudly made in Italy

Kristalia products are not only proudly made in Italy, 90% of the materials are also sourced from Italy, and the rest comes from Austria, Germany and elsewhere in Europe, completing a niche, sought-after brand that is now available at House of Home.

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