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Why choose Khroma for your non-woven wallcoverings?

Believe it or not, the big trend in interior decorating is wallpaper and wallcoverings. Once hugely popular in the 70s and 80s, that popularity faded more recently but, thanks in part to amazing wallcovering makers and artists like Khroma, it's very much back with a bang.

But in truth, wallcoverings were never completely 'out', especially when it comes to a name like Khroma, which has been producing non-woven wallcoverings for years from the lovely Lys Valley in northern Belgium. Today, it is one of the leaders in the art of the non-woven wallcovering technique.

First things first: why wallpaper?

It seems obvious to say that wallpaper is the easy-to-apply way to bring those boring walls to life with incredible patterns and prints. But it's actually the easiest way to just 'lay and leave', because it's more resistant in many instances to wear and tear, and great wallcoverings like Khroma can be easily scrubbed.

Yes, but why non-woven by Khroma?

We've gone on and on about the fact that Khroma is the best in the business at the art of 'non-woven' wallcoverings - but what exactly is that all about?

To put it in a nutshell, non-woven is what you want for your wallpaper because of how easy it is to install and because it's environmentally friendly. You may be used to normal 'paper' wallpaper, but non-woven wallcoverings are made by combining polyester, textile and cellulose in a complex and tricky process that means the end result is incredibly stable and strong. Khroma wallcoverings won't expand and shrink by absorbing water, so they are incredibly easy to expertly lay.

Khroma non-woven wallcoverings are also good for your walls! That's because the microporous nature of the finish means the walls 'breathe', resisting things like mould and mildew. And when you want to try a different Khroma design - perhaps moving from simple stripes to a floral pattern or something more modern - non-woven wallcoverings are easy to remove. And if your walls have a few cracks, quality non-woven Khroma wallcoverings can be much better than traditional wallpaper when it comes to covering them up.

Yes, but why Khroma from Belgium?

From the heart of European - Belgium - Khroma leads the way with innovative and contemporary non-woven wallcoverings with a huge range that can be browsed at your leisure at House of Home. The designs are both stylish and imaginative, and therefore able to match the existing styling of your home whilst allowing your individuality to shine through.

Here at House of Home, we want to help you pick exactly the wallcovering that will be perfect for your home or office space - so take the time to answer the questions we pose in our helpful online-buying guide. To browse some of the most popular interior design styles in order to perfectly match your Khroma wallcovering, check out our blog post here.