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Get on trend with Kemra faux wallpaper

The range of Kemra wallpaper at House of Home will be without doubt among the coolest, most intriguing and brilliantly novel photo-realistic wallpaper options you have ever seen. Designed and made right here in Australia, Kemra wallpaper is fun, truly unique and perfect not just for your home but also your contemporary, laid-back and colour-bursting office space.

Why faux wallpaper by Kemra?

Quite simply, if your walls are either looking tired or uninspiring, faux wallpaper by Kemra is the perfect antidote. Kemra will fire your imagination and sense of fun, with brilliant and creative designs ranging from realistic-looking textures including wood, bricks and other wall finishes, to the natural, novel and even wacky including grass, bookshelves, leather, iron, cool objects, pictures and so much more.

Kemra wallpaper is right on trend

If you haven't kept right up to date with the latest in interior decorating trends, you're in for a wonderful surprise - Kemra faux textured wallpaper is the very latest trend. It's a brilliant way to turn a tired or uninspiring wall anywhere in your home or commercial space into something amazing. The modern illusion that makes you smile will be a faux finish like exposed brick or stone, or perhaps a pretend library shelf, an outdoor scene, something new and exciting - and the fun options are almost endless. Quite simply, you'll have just as much fun just exploring the Kemra range as you will basking in your cool new space.

Kemra designs are thanks to the family run Milton & King, who support this modern and funky design house that has now been turning boring walls into works of art for a decade. So let's take a closer look at some of the looks you can explore by considering Kemra for your faux wallpaper of choice.

Kemra for natural faux

As well as faux wallpaper, nature is right on trend in the interior decorating world - and so 'natural faux' is the centrepiece of the Kemra collection. Combine ultra-modern with nature with realistic brick, stone, wood and other natural looks that successfully blur the line between the real thing and high-quality wallpaper.

Not just faux, Kemra is practical too

Kemra wallpaper doesn't just look amazing when you apply it - it is designed to be easy to install, hard-wearing and hard-working, fully cleanable and totally practical. But the designs are also incredibly versatile, from modern art to lacy looks and modern ideas including tapes and straw and grass and tiles - and so, so much more.

Kemra wallpaper is perfect for a whole room or a feature wall, and the easy way to jump on board with the latest trend for textured walls to bring your room to life. You can check out our blog for tips on how to buy wallpaper online, or read about what sort of modern furniture might go best with your new, on-trend look thanks to Kemra.