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Efficient and stylish heating with Jetmaster

When it comes to the comfort of your family through those forthcoming colder days and nights, it's impossible to understate the importance of getting that choice right. But you can't make a wrong turn if you choose a Jetmaster product, because they tick every box.

Jetmaster takes away winter's chill

Australia is known throughout the world for its sunshine and summers - but those cold nights can get particularly cold as well! That's why every home needs a heating solution that ticks every box: warm, efficient and perfectly integrated into the interior styling of your beloved home. And Jetmaster ticks those boxes masterfully.

At House of Home, we are firm believers that the best way to heat your home is with gas or wood - and that's why we truly believe in the range we present by Jetmaster. Whether you want an inbuilt unit, one that's single or double sided, or a brilliant freestanding solution, Jetmaster has made a product just for you that boasts only the cutting edge in styling and quality.

Every heating product done stylishly

What exactly does Jetmaster offer? We're talking brilliantly put together glass-fronted solutions, open gas and wood fires, and even electric and slow combustion selections. Everything you see in the House of Home range is supremely efficient, so you'll be warm and toasty without adding to 'global warming' as well!

Why should you choose Jetmaster to warm your beloved family home or even workplace? Because it's been a trusted brand for over 35 years. In that time, every product has shown off Jetmaster's commitment to practical, simple, stylish solutions that are put together with only the best materials and craftsmanship. So when you put in that awesome-looking new Jetmaster heater, it will keep you warm and toasty not only today but well into the future.

A Jetmaster solution for every project

Seriously, Jetmaster has something for whatever project you're planning. A big trend in Australia at present is outdoor living - and now you don't have to give it all up once those summer months have ended! Choose a fully inbuilt outdoor fire and watch those flames as you entertain under the night's sky. But the range of inbuilt wood and gas fires for inside your home are just as classy and efficient - not to mention incredibly toasty!

Wood fires really are wonderful, and Jetmaster is Australia's leader in the field. In fact, Jetmaster's Anthony Blake told us that open fireplaces are surging in popularity. But if you're not sure what sort of fireplace to put in at your place, we've covered it all in our blog, including how to balance how well you want it to heat your home against how great it will look with your existing internal styling. Luckily, with Jetmaster, you can have it all!

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