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Illusion Gas Log Fires give you all of the pleasures with none of the burdens

There is no better refuge from a cold winter's night than the cosy warmth of a wood fire, watching the mesmerising dance of its flickering flames. For millennia the fire has stood at the centre of our homes, creating a warm bond that brings a family together in a way the television can only palely imitate.

Of course, a wood fire does not come without its challenges and it's easy to understand why so few homes now have them. There is the expense of finding wood, the effort of chopping it (often in the fowl winter weather you're trying to escape) and the hassle of lighting it.

Fortunately, that has all changed. With Illusion Gas Log Fires you can enjoy all of a wood fire's advantages without any of the disadvantages. At the flick of a switch, you can turn your fire on and watch it dance, revel in its flickering light and delicious warmth, then just as easily turn it off again when it's time for bed.

Benefits of Illusion Gas Log Fires

Illusion Gas Log Fires are perfect for warming your family, while they also add significant value to your home. They are also very versatile, providing you with many options. If you have an existing wall space or chimney they can be easily installed, but if there's no such position in your home there are also freestanding gas log fires.

Even better is that an expert will come to your home, helping you decide on the best fire for your needs and the best place to put it. Illusion Gas Log Fires also offer in-house custom design and an installation service, making the entire process as simple as possible.

Matrix Fires Range

The Matrix fires are designed and built in Australia, with a stunning appearance that will be the focal point of any room. They also perform to a very high standard and are guaranteed to keep your house warm. There are three sizes to choose from and a range of models, including realistic log configurations and a pebble look for more modern homes.

Realistic Fires Range

The Realistic fires range offers a sharp modern look, with a huge viewing window that is every bit as impressive as its immense heat output. You have the choice between wall mount and floor mount models that can be tailored to your home, while there is a range of stainless steel fascias available.

Stunning look, comforting warmth

The Illusion range is designed to bring a striking look to your living room and home while providing the warmth and 'hygge' atmosphere that is on trend across the globe. For more inspiration to cosy up your space, check out our blog and start selecting your favourite Illusion Gas Log Fire to get started.